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Welcome to VAN KLINK Printed Toilet Paper.

Our company VAN KLINK, Printed Toilet Paper based in Holland is specialist in printing on Hygiene products, like toiletpaper and napkins. Since the beginning of 2009 we increased our marketproducts with placemats, table runners and table clothes.
We can print different logos, pictures, cartoons, names, symbols, drawings on the above mentioned products. This will give a personal and luxuary impression of your product.
We normally print the toilet rolls for bigger companies/businesses, but nowadays also for private users. Now more and more people want to have our product printed toilet paper at home with their own family design, name and symbol.
So now you can impress your clients, customers, friends, colleagues, etc with this exclusive product. Until now we have only had positive reactions and this shows that we will keep on focussing on our service, communication & quality.

Setting up the printer, and packaging the whole order consumes a lot of time, but we managed to keep the cost down which resulted in a not expensive price for your Printed Toilet Rolls. We do have clients which stock up the rolls and that way they have enough for a few months.
The Printed Toilet paper rolls we supply are 3-ply, 150 or 200 sheets. The 3-ply paper is very soft, comfortable and of great quality.
The printed design area is 3-1/2"x 19" (and the printed design will be continuously repeated throughout the entire roll).

We accept the following delivery for your designs:
-        DVD
-        Windows or Apple Mac floppy
-        Zip disc
-        Compact Disc
-        Email                  
We accept the following file formats:
-        Adobe Acrobat 4.0
-        Adobe Illustrator 8.0
-        Adobe Page Maker 6.5
-        Adobe Photoshop 6.0
-        Corel Draw 8.0
       Corel Photopaint 8.0
-        Macromedia Freehand 8.0
-        QuarkXpress 4.11
-        MicroSoft Paint (bmp),  psd, tiff,  jpg, cpt, gif -Image,
(at final size:3.5" wide, resolution must be at least at 305dpi).